Health equity is the equal opportunity for everyone to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

Like many other health issues, HIV disproportionately impacts communities experiencing oppression – infection rates are highest among people of color, people living in poverty, transgender individuals, and gay and bisexual men.

Given these disparities, it is evident that CAP cannot attempt to address HIV without also addressing health disparities and their root causes. One of our first steps towards achieving this imperative is to create this agency Health Equity Plan to guide our work for the next few years. A team of individuals from across the organization came together to define what health equity means to CAP, and to set the foundation for the work that lies ahead. This document is meant to be the beginning of an ongoing process, and is a living plan that should be reviewed and revised regularly as we learn more about the work we must do in order to achieve health equity.

Download the report here.

Our Mission: To prevent HIV infections, support and empower people living with or affected by HIV, and eliminate HIV-related stigma and health disparities.

Health Management

CAP is a one-stop shop for medical care, support groups, and other healthcare referrals. Drop by or call us to get the care you need to live a healthy life with HIV.


CAP has spent years building relationships with landlords and rental property owners, and can help you find safe options, help pay your rent and find an affordable home.

Youth & Family

Children in HIV-affected families often face challenges not experienced by their peers. We know how to talk about HIV with children, teachers and parents in a comforting way.