Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Raises Money for CAP’s Camp KC

Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) is very pleased to be the beneficiary of fundraising efforts by the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Through the efforts of Laela Wilding, Ambassador of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) and the 2018 Portland Film Fundraiser “Cleopatra”, over $3000 was raised for CAP’s Camp KC. Camp KC is a summer sleep-away camp that takes place every year on the Oregon coast. It is attended by children infected with or affected by HIV.

Children who are HIV-positive, or who live with a family member or caregiver with HIV, face daunting challenges. HIV still carries a potent stigma, and HIV-affected youth fear that if friends or schoolmates learn of the HIV in their family they will be ostracized. As a result, HIV becomes an invisible epidemic, and these children often have no one to talk to about the disease and how to cope with it. Living with HIV and watching family members deal with it is a very real daily stress and fear for these children. To compound the problem, HIV is likely to be only one of a number of serious problems they confront. Aside from health challenges, the families from which campers come are likely to face mental health and addiction issues, a history with the corrections system, and poverty. At Camp KC, children dealing with HIV themselves or in their family can feel “normal” knowing that every other child at camp understands their situation. A staff of dedicated social workers and a medical team experienced with HIV are on hand to make sure that Camp is a safe, fun, growing experience.

CAP thanks ETAF for this donation and fundraising effort. It will have a profound impact on the lives of children attending Camp KC in 2018. To see the full story click here.