In order to maintain our relevance in the community, CAP has invested significant resources in planning for its future. Community needs are changing, and CAP is evolving to meet these needs. While HIV remains a critical health concern in Oregon and nationwide, improved treatment has made it a manageable chronic condition. At the same time, the LGBTQ community continues to face a range of serious health problems beyond HIV; recent studies document stark health disparities relative to the general population. Recognizing the powerful correlation between health inequities and such factors as race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender and more, CAP has drafted and adopted a series of measures intended to improve the health of our entire community across all of existing and new program areas.

Strategic Plan

The battle against HIV is at a critical crossroads: At a time when research has brought us ever closer to ending the disease, public awareness of HIV has been sliding, thereby eroding support for those organizations that must keep fighting as we get closer to the finish. At the same time, the healthcare world is in tremendous flux, contributing both challenges and opportunities to the landscape in which AIDS Service Organizations work. As Oregon’s oldest and largest ASO, CAP will be vital to the success of the fight against HIV in Oregon, yet is not immune to this challenging set of rapidly changing circumstances. Against this backdrop, CAP’s leadership began a Strategic Planning process in late 2013 to ensure that the agency’s efforts in the coming years are as targeted and effective as possible.

Download the Strategic Plan

Health Equity Plan

The plan sets five strategic imperatives to frame CAP’s work over the next two years. These imperatives inform the agency’s organizational culture, program alignment, evaluation, policy advocacy, and community partnerships. CAP’s role in health equity is to provide low-barrier, culturally-affirming services to increase access to care, build coalitions across sectors, empower communities and advocate for systemic change.

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LGBTQ Health Center Business Plan

Following a comprehensive planning process, CAP has launched a new initiative: a primary care medical practice to meet the needs of Portland’s LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ Community Health Center will be the hub for an integrated set of health and wellness services aimed at improving the health status of LGBTQ people in the Portland region, as well as improving health outcomes. This initiative constitutes an expansion of CAP’s mission beyond its traditional focus on HIV. However, CAP will remain committed to delivering a range of HIV support and prevention services to the Portland community.

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CAP’s Racial Equity Statement

CAP is committed to health and social equity for people of all races and ethnicities. CAP recognizes that it is our responsibility to proactively address the racial disparities in our community. This means not only providing culturally appropriate outreach and services, but also making intentional efforts to meet the specific needs of people of color infected by or at high risk of contracting HIV. Read the full racial equity statement below.

Download the Racial Equity Statement.