Junior Board

Mission: We serve as ambassadors for CAP’s mission through direct community engagement while growing CAP’s network and fostering an inclusive group of emerging leaders.

Current Members

Greg Ramsower – Chair
Christopher Friend – Vice Chair
Dustin Vance – Staff Liason
Matt Alex-McBride
J.P. Allen
Matt Arnold-Ladensack
Briana Burke
Jared Cassel
Miles Fletcher
CJ Grub
Drew Lemish
James Luu
Travis Meuwissen
Sabrina Pomar
Dillon Pouliot
Virginia Tat
Shanna A Walton Clark
Virtue Woods

Apply to Junior Board

Interested in joining the Junior Board? Board membership is open to all young professionals (no official age requirement), who are passionate about CAP’s work. Applications are accepted twice per year, the next application deadline is March 4, 2019.

Junior Board Application Here.