Whether you are looking to learn your status, interested in PrEP, newly diagnosed, new to the area, or need support navigating the health care, employment and housing systems, our team is here to support you with culturally affirming services.

Employment Assistance
One afternoon a week in CAP’s downtown Service Center, Employment Hours will be hosted by CAP’s Service Center Coordinator. Employment Hours are open to both people living with HIV as well as members of the trans community regardless of their HIV Status. Outside of Employment Hours, people can still come to the Service Center to ask questions, as well as pick up resources around employment, education, and training. Limited financial assistance available for job-related expenses (shoes for a certain job, identification cards, tools, licensure) and program expenses (materials for workshops, participant resumes). Participants in need of financial assistance may apply during Employment Assistance Hours.

Employment Hours: Tuesdays 12:30-4:30pm
Service Center Hours: Monday-Thursday, 12:30-4:30 pm & Fridays 12:30-3:00pm

If you’re newly diagnosed, haven’t been involved in medical care for longer than six months, or are recently released from incarceration, our CareLink staff has the training and experience to help you get connected with medical care and help with other challenges you may be facing. Contact us for more information about CareLink

Peer Support Services
CAP’s Certified Peer Specialists build relationships with clients based on their shared life experience of living with HIV. Anyone who is HIV + and lives in the Portland-metro area, whose income is at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level, and is currently in need of additional mental health support, or linkage to care MAY APPLY for the program. Contact us for more information about Peer-to-Peer Services

Positive Steps | 1 on 1 Counseling
Living with HIV? Looking for a change? Engage with Positive Steps, our one-on-one counseling program that works with your goals and strengths to create positive change in your life.  Contact us @PositiveSteps@cascadeaids.org for more information, or you can fill out this form and we will get back to you.

Equity Outreach Program
The Equity Outreach Program conducts outreach to communities who experience high barriers to accessing HIV services in order to educate and connect them to CAP services. Contact us for more information about the Equity Outreach Program

Service Navigation
CAP provides culturally specific support for African American and Latino HIV+ people who need assistance with HIV care. Our staff can help get you into and stay in medical care, support you with medication adherence, provide HIV health education, and link you to support groups and community resources.

Intake Process

CAP provides a wide range of services for people living with HIV. These services include but are not limited to, housing assistance, peer support, connection to medical care, job assistance, culturally specific services, etc. If you are interested in any of these services, you will need to complete an intake first.

Intakes are by appointment only. If you can, please provide the following documents at your intake: photo ID, proof of income (if applicable), verification of HIV status, and any insurance documentation. These documents aren’t required, but providing them can speed up the intake process.

In order to schedule your intake please contact our receptionist at 503-223-5907.