Everyone deserves to feel purposeful and valued.

Maybe you’ve been out of work for years, and you’re unsure if paid work will threaten your benefits. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll get fired if your employer finds out you have HIV. Or maybe you’re simply unsure of what you want to do with your life.

Bridges to Work is CAP’s employment assistance program. It is a personalized and holistic approach to helping you find work, whether it’s getting your GED, learning to write a stellar resume, or finding job leads. Even if you have a challenging work history or have tried other vocational rehabilitation programs with little success, we’ve got you covered.

Bridges to Work programs include:

icon-Career-ExplorationWeekly, Tuesdays at 9:30 AM (sharp) at the Client Service Center. Orientation is the first step of becoming engaged in Bridges to Work. Staff will discuss the ins and outs of the program, the resources available and answer any questions. No obligation and no RSVP required.
Open Lab
icon-Open-LabFour days a week at the Client Service Center. Open Lab is a self-directed job search session that aims to serve as a mini one-stop career center. Available resources include computers (internet access, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint), phone, fax, and photocopies. Staff are available to assist you with all aspects of job search — résumé, cover letter, online application, and more.
Job Club
icon-job-clubWeekly at the Client Service Center. Job Club is an opportunity to network with your peers, gain helpful occupational information, share job leads, and learn new skills and strategies. We will also occasionally feature guest speakers and employers to present on employment topics. 
Career Exploration
icon-Career-ExplorationSmall group workshop, email Effie or attend orientation for times. The Career Exploration process walks participants through creating career “maps” that lay out life history, accomplishments, strengths, gifts and capacities. From there, we are able to generate possible job titles and follow up with a resource planning appointment to meet employment goals. This small group workshop requires prior registration so please call the office to register and find out when the next group meets. View the events calendar to find out when groups meet and workshops are held.

For more information, contact Effie.