Executive Management

Tyler TerMeer
Executive Director

Peter Parisot
Deputy Executive Director

Caitlin Wells
Director of Healthcare Operations


Kendra Castaldo
Director of Housing & Support Services


Amy S. Williams
Director of Development


Wenda Tai
Director of Finance


Eowyn West, Executive Assistant
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Amy Williams, Director of Development
Kim Lundin, Development Manager
Zak Johnson, Development Associate
Jennifer Narron, Grants & Communications Coordinator
Jeremy James Cochran, Special Events Coordinator
Nicole Boyer, Volunteer Coordinator

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Finance & Operations

Wenda Tai, Director of Finance
Adrian Cook, Accounting Manager
Justin Parret, Operations Manager
Javier Cruz Lozano, Accounting & HR Associate
Peter Lantos, Systems & Network Administrator

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Prevention & Health Services

Caitlin Wells, Director of Healthcare Operations
Edgar Mendez, Manager of Clinical Health Services
Erin Butler, Manager of Prevention Services
Nashoba Temperly, Insurance & Benefits Team Lead
Colin Sanders, Health Insurance Navigator
Victoria Ruffin, Health Insurance Navigator
Anthony Rivers, HIV Prevention Specialist
Benjamin Gerritz, Prevention with Positives Coordinator

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Carlos Negrete, Bilingual Prevention Navigator
Matthew Grover, Prevention Navigator
Matthew Lucas, CareLink Navigator
Miles Fletcher, PrEP Navigator
Julia Brown, CareLink Navigator
Shannon Redmond, HIV/STI Testing Coordinator
Lesley Daley, Speakers Bureau Coordinator

Primary Care

Deven Ferté, Manager of Healthcare Operations
Michael Lee Howard, Health Services Coordinator
Miguel Carreon, Nurse Practitioner
Jelan Almanza, Certified Medical Assistant
Yoslenys Hernandez, Certified Medical Assistant

Housing & Support Services

Kendra Castaldo, Director of Housing & Support Services
Nicki Turk, Deputy Director of Housing & Support Services
Bevan Hurd, MS, Manager of Mental Health & Cultural Services
Jace Richard, Manager of Housing Services
Hanna Gustafson, Manager of Supportive Programming
Amy LeSage, Short Term Rent Assistance Team Lead
Anya Ludwig, Housing & Support Services Coordinator
Brie Kennedy, Service Center Coordinator
Erik Bergloff, Warehouse Coordinator

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Eva Hoffman, Receptionist
Hanna Taffesse, MS, Housing Case Manager
Henry Catalinich, Mental Health Housing Case Manager
Jim Clay, Aging Well Project Coordinator
Kaylon C. Sanders 1, African American Services Case Manager
Laura Bradley, Contract and Data Support Specialist
Kristin Cedar, Housing Case Manager
Kyle Giard-Chase, Housing Services Specialist
Laura Camerato, Housing Readiness Coordinator
Maricela Berumen, MAI Latino Services Navigator
Mattie Boucher, Cascadia Mental Health Counselor (embedded)
Meghan Smith, Data Integration Project Coordinator
Meghan Sunnell, Housing Case Manager
Omar Al Rais, Equity Outreach Coordinator
Owen O’Neill, Peer Support Specialist
Pedro Ortega, CHES, Bilingual Housing Case Manager
Rob Ingwerson, Peer Support Specialist
Roman Vasquez, Bilingual Housing Case Manager
Samson Stritzl, Mental Health Housing Case Manager
Yehoshua Ventura, Peer Support Specialist

Clark County, Vancouver, WA

Kristi Addis, Deputy Director of SW Washington Services
Jasmine Gruenstein, SW Washington Prevention Team Lead
Ben Meana, Bilingual Prevention Navigator
Emma Martinez, Bilingual Medical Case Manager
Lauren Edelstein, Housing Coordinator
Sam Hurley, Medical Case Manager
Sara Adkins, Medical Case Manager II
Doreen Engelmann, SW Washington Program Assistant
Caitlin Truitt, SW Washington Network Navigator

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All CAP email addresses are first initial, last name @cascadeaids.org.

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